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Job: Beauty Therapist, MAC Beauty Wanaka

Dear Madam/ Sir
I am applying in response to your advertisement dated May 21st, 2018 as an extension to my application for the Skin Specialist position in MAC Beauty. I am more than aware that your esteemed organization is the leading skin and appearance clinic network in Wanaka and would like to become a part of the warm and friendly team. Although most of my experience is in the
traditional beauty services, I am passionate about skin health and would truly appreciate the opportunity to take my career in the direction of a skin specialist.

Since a very early age, I have been interested in everything relating to Beauty Therapy. I find the subject matter intriguing and therefore the ability to converse about products and treatments comes naturally to me. I feel that by utilizing my excellent communication skills I have the ability to connect with clients on a realistic level in order to meet their needs. I find skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, light therapy and Photorejuvenation fascinating to the point where I am constantly researching the latest techniques and solutions in skin treatments. My training in customer service while working in a hair salon, along with customer sales and working with the public has opened my mind to client behaviors and attitudes towards sales. Supporting my family and friends by providing information on skin treatments has afforded me real work experience in meeting the needs of others.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to avail of the in-house training the dedicated training academy provided by MAC Beauty. I believe that my professional yet creative personality, combined with the support and coaching from your fabulous team of professionals will have a positive impact on your client base. I am very willing to work in the skin care business and can hopefully help older customers shed a layer of skin and make their natural beauty shine through. My selling experience is predominately product sales and not necessarily sales targets however promotional activities are my forte. Exploring the needs of the client, finding and explaining the best skin treatments available and consequently listening to a satisfied client is what I believe to be job satisfaction.

I approach all tasks and learning experiences with a positive professional approach. I am not only attracted to this vacancy by its superb benefits package but also by your companies outstanding reputation in the industry. I hope that after examining my application, you will believe in my suitability for the position. I hope that I have shown you just how willing I am to work in the skin care business. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Ceadin Gahan

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